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A03.Factory:ShenZhen New EVERLIGHT Photoelectric Co.,Ltd

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Profile of ShenZhen New EVERLIGHT Photoelectric Co., Ltd

Factory PinYin Name: shen zhen shi xin yi guang guang dian you xian gong si

Factory English Name: ShenZhen New EVERLIGHT Photoelectric Co., Ltd

Factory Chinese Name: 深圳市新亿光光电有限公司

China Unified Social Credit Code: 91440300MA5DGK1300 from National Enterprise Credit Information Publicity System.

Factory Products Scope: LED Grow Light, LED Plant Grow Lighting,Cannabis LED Grow Light,SMD Light,LED lamp beads, LED Chip,

Factory Established Years: 2016 year

Factory Some Pictures of New EVERLIGHT LED Grow Light.

Factory Processes:

  1. In-House Tooling
  2. Injection-Molding
  3. 3D Printing
  4. 3D Printing
  5. Electronic Workshop
  6. SMT Workshop
  7. Die Casting
  8. CNC Workshop
  9. Aging Test Laboratory
  10. Assembling Workshop
  11. Agine Line
  12. In-house Laboratoy
  13. Integrating Sphere
  14. Temperature & Humidity Test
  15. Needle Flame Test
  16. Vibration Measurement Instrument & Drop Test
  17. Package and Warehouse

Factory Some Picture of Cannabis LED Grow Light.

Some Products Picture of Cannabis LED Grow Light.

Feature Products
Also Supply LED Customer-Tailer Light.
Some Type like UFO PAR38 LineBar LED Plant Growth Light
Supply LED Grow Light for GreenHouse
Supply Full Spectrum LED Plants Growth Light.
Supply Professional UV Dryer LED LIght
Offer OEM or ODM for LED Plant Growth Lighting
Certificate of China LED Cannabis Grow Light A03.Factory
Warehouse of China LED Cannabis Grow Light A03.Factory

Introduction of China LED Cannabis Grow Light A03.Factory

Landed in Shenzhen, one of the top ten young cities in the world. It is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and development, production and sales of high-quality LED and SMD lamp beads. The core team of the company has nearly ten years of professional packaging technology background, and has the world’s advanced high-precision automatic production equipment. The main products are 3535 lamp beads, 3030 lamp beads, etc. The products are mainly used in outdoor landscape lighting, commercial decoration, road lighting and other fields. Reliable quality, advanced technology, stable craftsmanship, world-class automated production equipment, and reasonable prices make (New EVERLIGHT) quickly become the focus of the industry. New EVERLIGHT Optoelectronics adheres to the business philosophy of “professional, good quality, innovative and high-quality products, and honesty to create a brand”, constantly improving product reliability, insisting on continuous innovation to provide customers with high-quality, cost-effective products, and pursuing customer satisfaction as the goal , Committed to building a brand of LED light source.

We upgrade China Professional Factory of Cannabis Grow LED Light A03.ShenZhen New EVERLIGHT Photoelectric Co., Ltd in China. From China Unified Social Credit Code: 91440300MA5DGK1300 Information, it is established since 2016 in ShenZhen City.  More Information Please Feel Free to leave your idea on the comment.

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