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B50W Pro LED Grow Light for Cannabis Growth

B50W Pro includes 250 LED Chips PLUS (4pcs UV)+ (4pcs IR)+ (84pcs Deep Red) LED Chips to make round hanging LED_Grow_Light for Cannabis Growth to Yield 15% More Results.

B50W Pro LED Grow Light supply directly from Factory in ShenZhen City or FuZhou Sub Factory.

Usage: Special Feature Grow light for seedling, Not Dimmable, Grow light for indoor Cannabis Plants.

Germination Stage:

3-10 days

20-24 inches Height

14-16 Hours per Day

Seedling Stage:

2-3 weeks

20-24 inches Height

14-16 Hours Per Day

Vegtative Stage:

3-16 Weeks

16-20 inches Height

16-18 Hours per Day

Flowering Stage:

8-11 weeks

8-12 inches Height

12-14 Hours Per Day

Specification of LED Lights 50W Pro Full Spectrum With URR for the Cannabis|Hemp Growth.

EXW Factory Price:68 RMB = 10 USD Dollars 
Lead Time:6-16 Days depend on Qty
Time to market:Recent|Modern 
LED Power:50 Watts  Max 
Power Input:AC85-265V 
Power Source:Corded Electric 
LED Chip Brand:SanAn  
LED Chip QTY:250 PCS  
660-665nm Red84 PCS  
620-630nm Red88 PCS  
450-460nm Blue60 PCS  
6500k White10 PCS  
390-395nm UV4 PCS  
730-735nm IR4 PCS  
Spectrum:Full Spectrum Plus UV+IR+R
Beam Angle: Round 60° 
Power Factor:0.95  
Luminous Flux:1250(lm) 
Shell Material:ABS+Aluminum 
Lifespan:>50000 Hs 
Working Temperature: -20℃-50℃ 
Par Value:   
12 inches HeightPPFD≥250μmol/m2.s
18 inches HeightPPFD≥140μmol/m2.s
24 inches HeightPPFD≥100μmol/m2.s
PC Board:1.2MM Thick Aluminum plate With 99.9% Copper
Glue Brand:3M  
Dimension:Φ13.0×1.2 Inches 
Assembled Height:1.2 inches 
Assembled Length:13 inches 
Item Size:330mm*330mm*30mm 
Package Size:37.0cm*34.0cm*4.0cm
Package Weight:1.3 kg  
One Carton 10 Items:44.5*39.5*36.5CM 
One Carton Weight:15 kg  
Batteries Included?No  
Batteries Required?No  
Cool Way:Passive  
Specific Uses:Indoor use only 
Cannabis Growth Usages:Good For All 4 Stages
Growth Results:Yield More ≥ 15% B50W Normal
Certificates:CE, RoHS, PCC, ETL
Mini Order:≥ 1 PCS 

Spectrum Chart of B50W-PRO LED Grow Light for Cannabis Growth

PAR Value of B50W-PRO

Case of B50W-PRO LED Grow Light for Cannabis Growth

Case: GreenHouse


Special Feature Description On Amason Website of 50W Pro LED Grow Light

FULL SPECTRUM: 6 Bands of LEDs with spectrum 390nm-730nm, including UV IR Red Blue White. Plants can get the spectrum they most desire from this grow light.
ENERGY-SAVING: 50W UFO grow light panel with 250pcs super bright LEDs, replace 100W conventional grow light. More LEDs and output than other grow lights.
SPECIAL DESIGN: UFO round shape with air flowing cooling construction grow light, excellent cooling capacity with no fans no noise.
EASY SET-UP: Just hang the grow light to 1ft – 3ft above the plant with steel hanging kits would be done!

【IMPROVE GROWING EFFECTIVELY】250 high quality LED Beads. The greenhouse lights for plants with the combination of red and blue spectra, which provide more useful light to help plants grow faster, healthier and stronger. Especially when the plant needs extra light in raining, snowing days. 60°condenser cup design making the light more concentration and color uniform, promoting the plants to grow fast.
【SAFER TO USE & SAVE YOUR MONEY】PCtech led growing lamp adopts 250pcs SanAn LED beads, which will not emit a lot of heat, and efficiently save energy and your electricity bill. Don’t worry about your bill anymore. Unlike other grow lights, our grow lamp is made of high-quality aviation aluminum material and ABS cover to achieve excellent heat dissipation. It does not require additional fan purchase. It is safe to use.
【PLANTS’ LUCKY STAR】Our LED grow lamps widely apply to succulents, bonsai, various flowers and vegetables, greenhouse planting, plant tents, and plant factories. Note: the light is very bright, please don’t stare at it for a long time, we suggest wearing sunglasses when you are under the grow light.
【WORRY-FREE WARRANTY】50W Pro grow light features low power consumption and high luminous efficiency. Its lifespan is 50,000hours. If you have any questions about our products, feel free to contact us via Amazon’s messages. Our indoor plant lights are backed by a 365 days’ warranty plus a 60-day return guarantee.

[Classical Full Spectrum] Compact grow light that puts out the needed light, includes 250 LED Chips PLUS (4pcs UV)+ (4pcs IR)+ (84pcs Deep Red) LED Chips, which is ideal for all kinds of indoor plants seeding growing and flowering at all growth stages.
[Easy Set-up] This led grow lights are lightweight and very easy to use with the upgraded hanging brackets, system can be built in perfect sturdy condition within one minute. Built in 59’’ power cord could really stand another two feet of length though and make your plants happy.
[Low Heat] ABS plastic material molding hydroponic grow lights panel , excellent Heat control, runs cool and quiet, no harm to your plants. Square shape design maximizes the beam to cover 3ft by 3ft area of plants, recommended to hang at around 6-10 inches for seedling.
[High Efficiency] Plants grow fuller with much stronger and straight stems with these led grow light bulb. Most of the seeds are germinated and sprouting in 2 weeks. Low power consumption save your electric bill, 2 pack design are value for the dollar.
[Worry-Free Warranty] We offer 12 months warranty plus 30 days satisfaction or return guarantee for this grow light kit. Please contact us first if there’s any issue, we promise to response within 24 hours.

ENERGY-SAVING: Upgraded to Max. LED Power 75W, Avg. Power Draw 27W, replace 100W HPS or HID grow light with only 27W consumption. Good for 2’x2’ growing space.

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