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Full Spec Sheets of GrowTechX240.Price is US$499

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Meet the GrowtechX 240. Price is US$ 499

GrowtechX 240 is a 240W, full cycle LED grow light designed to target only the parts of the spectrum your plants (Like Cannabis or Marijuanna or Marihuana or hemp or Weed) need to thrive through both vegetative and flowering cycles. At 240 TRUE LED watts, the GrowtechX240 is the equivalent to approximately 450 HPS or metal halide watts, meaning, it runs on nearly half the wattage of traditional grow lights. Importantly, all fixtures in the GrowtechX Series carry an ETL label, meaning they are thoroughly tested and in compliance with North American safety standards and carry a 5 year warranty at no extra cost

GrowTechX240 is A targeted spectrum for optimal growth.

Growtech X’s Full Spectrum Spectral Diode Mix offers a perfectly balanced mix of 660nm red diodes and full spectrum 3000 + 6500K white diodes. This thoroughly tested light spectrum is designed for complete Cannabis plant development (full cycle indoor light for seed germination, clones/cuttings/mothers, and for both vegetative and flowering cycles).

GrowTechX240 not need additional Fans without Leaf Burn

With the use of passive cooling technology, Our fixtures produce virtually no heat so no additional air cooling is required for your grow space. This also eliminates the need for additional fans (internal or external), so running a fixture will be virtually silent and drastically increase the longevity of the fixture. The lower temperatures from lighting results in an ideal, easier to control grow environment for your plants to flourish in. Without the threat of “leaf burn”, The fixtures can be placed mere inches from the plant canopy which is ideal for optimal light absorption and necessary for vertical grow application.

GrowTechX240 Easy to transport. Easy to install.

The GrowtechX 240’s small footprint makes it compact, easier to transport, and easier to install. This means no wasted space on 2ft wide rows, as none of the light will crowd walkways. 

Discover a quieter, cooler operation.

Growers armed with our fixtures will be able to reduce their electrical consumption, keep their rooms quieter and cooler, and remove the need for additional room control equipment thus simplifying their grow rooms overall and make them much more cost effective.

GrowTechX240 Designed for complete Cannabis development.

By using the fixtures Bluetooth controlled App, the grower can be assured they will have the right spectrum delivered to their plants in all stages of the grow cycle and be able to select the fixture on/off times without the need for an external manual timer. Most importantly, the grower will experience a significant increase in quality and quantity of their crops.

Buy with Confidence.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you’re not happy with your purchase, return within 30 days to receive a full refund of the product cost.

5 Year Warranty
Our fixtures come with a standard 5 year warranty, included at no extra cost. Any fixture purchased from us that fails within the warranty period will be replaced free of charge.


Bottom line- I love this panel! Minimal heat, zero leaf burn, and the yield is fantastic

I have a 6×6′ grow space and have tried a number of different fixtures throughout the years. None have worked better than the growtech 320. I can’t wait to get a second light!

We’ve gotten wonderful results since upgrading to your Growtech fixtures! Everything from plant health, appearance, and most importantly yield have improved dramatically since switching to your fixtures from our HPS and T8’s.

Performance Summary(Special order item.
Allow 6-8 weeks for delivery))

Power Consumption
(Incl. driver)
Input VoltageAC100-277V
Input Current
Input Frequency50/60Hz
Power Factor>0.9
SpectrumFull SpectrumFull Spectrum UV
Heat Output816 BTU/h816 BTU/h
Dimming Options0-10V / 1-10V0-10V / 1-10V
Operating Temperature-4-113℉ (-20-45℃)-4-113℉ (-20-45℃)
Storage Temperature-40-176℉ (-40-80℃)-40-176℉ (-40-80℃)
Dimensions (L x W x H)47*18*2.0inch
L70 Rating>78,000 hrs>78,000 hrs
L90 Rating>54,000 hrs>54,000 hrs
ETL CertificationUL 8750
Luminaires [UL 1598:2008 Ed.3 +R:17Oct2012]
Luminaires (R2013) [CSA C22.2#250.0:2008 Ed.3 +G1;G2]
UL 8750
Luminaires [UL 1598:2008 Ed.3 +R:17Oct2012]
Luminaires (R2013) [CSA C22.2#250.0:2008 Ed.3 +G1;G2]
Location RatingDampDamp
LVD CertificationIEC/EN 60598-2-1
IEC/EN 60598-1
IEC/EN 60598-2-1
IEC/EN 60598-1

GrowTechX Series Product Descripon

  • Passive cooling technology. No fans for longer fixture life
  • IP65 Waterproof
  • ETL, LM-79, CE Certification
  • 0-10V Dimming via free iLightsIn Pro app with Zigbee gateway and controller (sold separately)
  • Slim design and 180 degrees foldable, making it small, compact and easy to install. Perfect for vertical growing!
  • Full cycle fixture for both vegetative and flowering stages
  • Fixtures can be connected in a series using a simple power supply. (Optional dimming controls control multiple fixtures at once)
  • Hollow housing design allows for air fluidity and great heat dissipation
  • Illuminates large areas with uniform PPFD distribution

Application Guide

  • Replaces 3-8pcs of 54W T5 Fluorescent Tube Light
  • GrowtechX Series 240 & 320W fixtures have 35% higher PPFD, 35% lower power consumption and 50% less BTU
  • GrowtechX Series 480 & 660W have 70% higher PPFD, 33% lower power consumption and 33% less BTU
  • Replaces 500-1000W HPS/CMH light

Spectrum Options

Full Spectrum [Wavelength (nm)]

FUll Spectrum UV(Intensity A.U) [Wavelength (nm)]

LM-80 Report Of OSRAM

Appendix A: Lumen Maintenance Projection(IES TM-21-11)

1.General Information

Description of LED Light Source TestedDuris 5 GW JDSRS 1.EC
Sample size per temerature30
LED drive current used in the test150 mA
Test Duration13,000 hours
Test duration used for projects8,000 hours to 13,000 hours

2. Projection Date

Case Temperature(solder Point)Ts =55 ℃Ts=85 ℃Ts=105 ℃
Reported L70>78,000 hours77,955 hours>78,000 hours

3. Graphic chart





Beam Angle (50%Imax):C0/180Le:62.0 Right:62.0 C0/180] Tot al= 124.0

C90/270Le:60.5 Right:60.5[C 90/270] Total =121.1

Photon Flux Distribuon

Measured in isolation at 100% light intensity with fixture centrally hanging at
pre-determined height above a 4×4′ grow area

660W Growtech X 660 PPFD Distribuation Full Spectrum 2.4umol/s

660W Growtech X 660 PAR Distribution Full Spectrum 2.4umol/s

  1. At 100% light intensity
  2. Measured in isolation, no adjacent grow lights, no reflective walls

Plug Specifications

Plug for the US and Canada

  • Plug type: NEMA 5-15P and NEMA 6-15P
  • 120V/60Hz and 208V/60Hz
  • UL cerfied

Plug for the EU

  • Plug Type: CEE 7/7
  • 230V/50Hz



Steel String+LatchLong HookShort HookBase of Hook
AC power CordDimming CordAC Connection WireDimming Connection Wire

1. Pendant

  • 1.1 Install the string on the beam (as shown in picture 1)
  • 1.2 Use the string to adjust the moung height of the fixture (as shown in picture2)
  • 1.3 Install the hooks on the light fixture and hang the hooks into two strings.( as shown in picture 3 and picture 4)

2. Surface Mounted

Screw the hook base into an overhead support structure

3.Growtech X 480 and Growtech X 660 are 180 degrees foldable


TypeCarton SizeG.W Per CartonQuantity per Carton

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