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Why Choose Cannabis LED Light not Regular One

Welcome to Cannabis LED Light Website . As the professional Factory to manufacture Cannabis LED Light for Many Years in China, We would like to recommend Best Sale Model B600 PRO for you. 

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LED Grow Lights for Cannabis | Marijuana |Marihuana |Hemp

Cannabis LED Grow Lights are composed of multiple individula Light Emittign Diodes,  usually in a casing with a heat sink and built-in fans.

Individual LEDs usually provide only a single narrow range of colors, and so different color LEDs are mixed in Grow Lights in proportions according to Cannabis Growth. Now It is known from the study of Photomorphogenesis that green, Red, Far-Red and Blue light spectra  have an great effect on root formation, Cannabis Growth, and Flowering .  

For Example,   ultra high efficiency red diodes and white LEDs and providing strong full-circle light output while ensuring healthy and strong  growth and the best yield of cannabis.

UVA(395-400nm)Far Red(740nm) and deep red(660nm) also have great effect on Connabis Growth.

  1. UVA is important and helpful to increase more yield and higher quality of cannabinol(THC & CBD);
  2. Infra Red  helps to trigger earlier flowering;
  3. Red is able to improve the growth speed and  yield.

Regular LED Light not Suitable for Cannabis | Marijuana |Marihuana |Hemp

Many  New Growers have the same Question:  Can Regular LED Light help Cannabis Growth.

From Experience’s Data and Experts’ Data,  We have many specification figure to measure how much does the Regular LED Light ?

We suggest that We should Pay attention to PAR Value (PPFD  short for Photosynthetic Photon Flux Density) .This is normally  Measured using mol m-2 s-1.  Take our B600 PRO Cannabis LED Light for Example,  12”/30cm Height   is  1258 μmol/s 

ROI is Most Key Factor on decide Regular LED Light or Cannabis LED light

If you use our B600 Pro Cannabis LED Light,  you would find that  the harvest Yield can up to 2.7g/W . But for Regular LED Light maybe is 0.25g/W.

SEO Brand B900 Pro Cannabis LED Light

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SEO Brand B900 Pro Cannabis LED Light

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Hits: 244

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